Profile of lector



After graduating at the UKF Nitra in the field of Pedagogy, and studying Art Therapy with prof. Šicková in Bratislava, Mária works as an assistant and educator at an elementary school.  She also operates in the citizen associations Platform 1-12 and ICM.  She addresses the issues of multiculturalism within the framework of global education, which she has been addressing for several years as a part of educational activities.  She is also in the leadership of the Global Entertainment.

In the framework of the workshop will be the domain of learning experience, which stimulates reflection and change of personal views of the world. Constantly reviewing own vision of the world and own attitudes is a process that needs to be dealt with, if we are to respond effectively and creatively to the changes that are characteristic of the present time. It also introduces the possibilities of using the art therapy in perceptions, different views and cultural encounters.



During my studies, as well as later on after graduating from the Faculty of Education of the Comenius University, Department of Social Work, I have actively volunteered and participated on the activities of the civic association called Youth Information Center (ICM), in Topoľčany. Since 2005 I have been working as the Head Consultant and Trainer for this association. The main focus of our activities is to engage young people with work that promotes social avareness and social change, to support volunteering, leisure, and out-of-school activities through out national and international projects.



The migration expert, Ms. Karin Slovakova, has been selected based on her academic studies within the migration and professional work. Ms. Slovakova had finished her studies of International Migration and Ethnic Relations at Malmo University in Sweden and continued the work with migrants and Internally Displaced Population (IDP) in Lebanon and inside Syria.

Ms. Karin Slovakova will be participating at the workshops and open discussions related to topics and areas of migration, migrant integration, cultural diversity, and will generally introduce the terms and terminology related to migration, factors for why people migrate, various migration laws in EU countries and possibilities for V4 countries in integrating newly arrived migrants. She will also introduce the stories of migrants she came across during her professional work in humanitarian field, currently with Syrian migrants in neighboring countries in the Middle East – precisely in Lebanon and Turkey.

Ms. Slovakova will also present and introduce the topics of ethnicity and ethnic relations, where ethnicity and ethnic and population diversity are many times source of prejudice and discrimination.



I have graduated from the Trvana University, Department of Psychology. Since the graduation, I have been giving psychological counseling to both children and adults. I worked as a psychologist in counseling facilities that are in charge of integrating children with different types of disability into mainstream schools. The focus of my work is on preventing stigmatization of children with various disability. Since 2012, I have been cooperating with the Civil Association Platform 1-12, where I am the founding member, and where I have participated on several educational activities for secondary school students in our district. I often try to lead students to understand the differences between people and at the same time to accept everything different. During my education, I focus mainly on developing empathy, but also on cognitive understanding of the functioning of the human mind –  the neuropsychological and evolutionary mechanisms conditioning our survival and behavior.

From 2013 until 2017, I was also a trainee in psychotherapeutic training in Gestalt therapy. During this period, I had the opportunity to acquire certain therapeutic techniques that help a person to gradually remove an introject-projecting system that is acquired during an individual’s development.



I am a graduate of the Pedagogical University in Nitra, Department of Primary School. I have been teaching classes with gifted and intelectually advanced students since its foundation at the Tribečska Primary School in Topoľčany until now (1999 – 2017). I’m constantly learning in my field. I have completed my study programs: Strategy for the Development of Teaching and Thinking for Primary School Learners (Orava Association for Democracy in Education), Special-Innovation Studies, Integrated Thematic Teaching, Use of Information and Communication Technologies in Teacher Work, ICT Use in Teaching, Baltík – Programming, Interactive Table in Educational Process, e-Learning Courses: Multicultural Education and Personnel Management. The second attestation I defended in 2012 – title of the thesis: Project Teaching in Primary Education with Elements of Regional Education. I am a certified lecturer for the Orava Association and the Methodological and Pedagogical Center.



After my Psychology studies I have started to work in the field of vulnerable groups. During the European volunteer service I was working in a therepeutical community in Italy as an educator. Another experience I gained working as a social worker and project assistant with the Roma community in the project Social work in the municipalities in the town of Chynorany. My main responsability was the social intervention and leading of the low-threshold treatment programs for chidlren and families. Lately I was working for IUVENTA – Slovak Youth Institute as a regional project manager of two national projects dealing with non-formal education. We were providing experiential programs for youth coming from socially excluded environments. Together with my colleagues from Iuventa we founded an NGO called Re:colo in Nitra. Here we have put under one roof more projects as different as community beekeeping, increasing of youth partcipation and acknowledge of active citizenship and last but not least the collection and distribution of humanitarian aid for refugees directly at the borders in cooperation with hungarian and austrian volunteers. This is where and when my interest in the refugee topic started and I have remained deeply touched since.

In January 2016 I started to work as a social assistant for the group of beneficiaries of international protection ressetled to Slovakia from Iraq. Starting in July 2016 I was hired by the Migration Office of the Ministry of Interior for the position of Integration Manager. At the Department of Migration and Integration I am responsible for many interesting activites in the pre-integration and integration of persons granted international protection. I was responsible for the pre-departure cultural sessions with the applicants for relocation from Greece to Slovakia. Recently I have spend 6 weeks in a hotspot in Italy in the town Taranto as an European Asylum Support Office expert, where I was providing relevant information about relocation to eligible nationalities. I am in daily contact directly with the clients (relocated families, persons granted interantional protection) or in contact with the organisations working in the integration field like NGOs Marginal, Adra, IOM, UNHCR…



During my uni-studies I specialised in sustainable development of Earth, waste management of small village, interpretation of modern Slovak literature and some strange words in ancient philosophical writings. This is typical for me (and also be in-between). For last 10 years I was collaborated in dozens of projects in so different areas as education and research (Iuventa, UCM in Trnava), regional development (municipal strategies, infrastructural projects), culture (literary magazine Slnečník), youth work (Strategy SR for Youth, Youth Council of Nitra) or social inclusion (help to migrants). Maybe the most relevant to theme of this web-page is my cooperation and co-management of the biggest resettling project in Slovakia which was called also New Ninive. I was coordinated and co-managed the preparing works and the first part of integration process of about 150 Iraqis in Nitra region. There, but everywhere I have tried to find new creative or even other solutions and approaches. It is evident especially in educational activities. From traditional point of view I do not educate. I just explore. But, inside, I like only poetry with wine, bees with queens (and kingz) and madly hard-readable philosophical writings. And something else.